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Metropolitan Police History

Time Zone: 1829 - 1830


John WRAY appointed Receiver.

Ellis and Ellis appointed Police Solicitors (until 1874).

Pawnbrokers lists commenced.

Last Execution for forgery (abolished 1832).

Capital punishment for burglary abolished.

Bridewell New Prison erected (Demolished 1864).

Metropolitan Police Divisions ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘F’ established.

Truncheons for the Metropolitan Police were made of Bamboo on lancewood and 20” long.

Scotland Yard - 4 Whitehall Place (until 1890).

Establishment of the Metropolitan Police:

  • 8 Superintendents
  • 20 Inspectors
  • 88 Sergeants
  • 895 Constables
  • 5 Clerks for the Commissioner and Receiver

Apr 15 - Sir Robert PEEL introduced the Metropolitan Police Bill.

Dec - ‘M’ Division established.

Jul 4 - George Shillibeer’s omnibuses appeared.

Jul 7 - Colonel, Sir Charles ROWAN and Richard MAYNE appointed as Justices of the Peace and joint Commissioners in charge of the force.

Jun 19 - Royal Assent given to Metropolitan Police Bill.

Oct 12 - Metropolitan Police Instruction Book issued. (Police Order 17 Oct 1829).

Sep 17 - First Police Orders issued - in manuscript.

Sep 30 - At 6 pm first Metropolitan Police Officers marched out onto the streets of London. Pay 21 shillings per week. They had been recruited from 21 September. Police Orders of 29 September instructed the Inspectors to take charge of the watch houses from 4pm on Wednesday 30 September, and to await the arrival of the men, who were also instructed in the same Order to acquaint themselves with their beats for the following day.

Uniform: Blue single-breasted swallow tail coat, 8 gilt buttons down front (each with Victoria Crown and words ‘Police Force’), 4” Leather Stock fastened at the back with brass clasp, Blue trousers (white in summer), strapped-over boots, black leather top hat.

Other rates of pay:

  • Superintendent: £200 pa; Inspector: £100 pa;
  • Sergeant: 22 shillings and 6 pence per week.


Population of London 1,200,000.

Peasant’s Revolt.

Post of Chief Medical Officer for the Metropolitan Police created.

‘G’, ‘H’, ‘K’, ‘L’, ‘N’, ‘P’, ‘R’, ‘S’, ‘T’, and ‘V’ Divisions established.

Uniform: Sergeants and Constables issued with gloves - white for summer, black worsted for winter.

Mar - Uniform: Armlets introduced - worn on left arm to indicate that they were on duty (withdrawn July 1968).

Jun - 17 Divisions completed; strength 3,350, 164 per Division; 8 Sections; 8 Beats. 17 Superintendents, 68 Inspectors, 323 Sergeants, 2,706 PCs.

Jun 28 - PC Joseph 169 ‘S’ Division, GRANTHAM (Wt No 3170), kicked in the head while attempting to arrest a drunken man at a disturbance in Somers Town.

Aug 18 - PC LONG (Wt No 1715), ‘G’ Division, stabbed to death (by SAPWELL) when he challenged three suspects near Grays Inn Lane.

Dec 17 - Last pirates executed at Execution Dock, Wapping, (George James DAVIS and William WATTS).


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