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Metropolitan Police History

Time Zone: 1836 - 1840


Sep - Blackheath Road Police Station opened (R Division).


Queen Victoria succeeded William IV.

Select Committee appointed to look into the affairs of the police offices. They also proposed that the City of London be placed under the control of the Metropolitan Police.

Sergeant Charles Otway assists Uxbridge magistrates with the murder of John Brill, an early example of assistance with investigations outside London.

Jul - London and Birmingham Railway opened from Euston Square to Boxmoor.


Select Committee reported and recommended incorporating the Marine Police and the Bow Street Runners into the Metropolitan Police and the disbandment of the Bow Street Office and other offices. These were all agreed and put into effect.

Office of Registrar of Metropolitan Public Carriages established. Drivers and Conductors first licensed - duties transferred to Commissioners in 1850.

Coronation of Queen Victoria.


Jun - Great Western Railway open to the Public.


The two Justices of the Peace, ROWAN and MAYNE were termed ‘Commissioners’ by the Metropolitan Police Act 1839. Enlargement of the Metropolitan Police District by the Same Act.

Captain William HAY appointed Inspecting Superintendent.

Authority to extend the Metropolitan Police District. Creation of statutory Street offences with power of arrest.

S 52 Traffic Regulations on special occasions.

First superannuation scheme established - 2.5% deduction. Pension at age of 60.

Metropolitan Police Courts Act. Office of Receiver of Courts amalgamated with Receiver of Police.

County Police Act. Justices of Quarter Sessions empowered to establish police.

Nelson’s Column begun in Trafalgar Square (completed 1842).

Jun - Eastern Counties Railway opened - Mile End to Romford.

London & Croydon Railway opened over former Croydon Canal.

Aug 31 - Thames Marine Police incorporated in the Metropolitan Police.

Sep 24 - Candidates Class established. 3 weeks drill.

Sep 30 - PC William ALDRIDGE (Wt No 13759) ‘R’ Division died from a fractured skull after he was stoned by a mob during an arrest at Deptford.

Nov - City of London Police formed.

Nov 17 - Bow Street Horse Patrol incorporated in Metropolitan Police, and 'Runners' (ie investigating officers) abolished.


Marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert.

Metropolitan Police Courts Act.

GOULD Interrogation case in which Police Sergeant Charles OTWAY (Wt No 9211) attempted to induce self-incrimination in the accused, which was immediately discountenanced by the courts and Commissioner Richard MAYNE.

Lord William Russell's murder (solved) creates a cause for campaign by The Times for specialist detectives.

Jan 13 - Metropolitan Police District extended to six times original size.

May - Bullseye Pattern Oil Lantern issued to officers (Police Order 30 May 1840).

Jun 10 - Attempted assassination of Queen Victoria by Edward OXFORD at Constitution Hill.

Transportation (legalised in 1597 during reign of Elizabeth I) to New South Wales ended.


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