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Metropolitan Police History

Time Zone: 1841 - 1845


Apr - Formation of the Dockyard Division of the Metropolitan Police comprising Deptford and Woolwich dockyards and placed under ‘R’ (Greenwich) Division.

Hertfordshire Constabulary formed.

Aug - Fenchurch Street Railway Terminus opened.

Oct 3 - PC James CARROLL (WT No 17546) ‘H’ Division, attacked by a mob and struck with his own truncheon while making an arrest in Shoreditch.


Chartist riots.

Police prosecutions in hands of Treasury (until 1887).

Post of Surveyor for the Metropolitan Police created.

Uniform: Flaps sewn down either side of tunic, but no pockets.

Jan - PC 114 V Charles NICHOLLS found dead in suspicious circumstances near Vauxhall Turnpike.

May 5 - PC Timothy DALY (Wt No 5277), ‘N’ Division, shot dead by Thomas Cooper while attempting to arrest a man for highway robbery at Highbury.

May 30 - Assassination attempt on Queen Victoria by John FRANCIS in Constitution Hill.

Jul 3 - Attempt on life of Queen Victoria by John BEAN.

Aug 15 - Detective Branch established in the Metropolitan Police (2 Inspectors and 6 Sergeants) after newspaper criticism of the failure to catch Daniel Good for murdering Jane Good at Roehampton in March 1842. Good was arrested 6 weeks after the crime.


Woolwich Arsenal became part of the area to be patrolled by the Metropolitan Police.

London Hackney Carriage Act. Commissioner empowered to appoint cab ranks.


Mar - Brunel’s Thames Tunnel opened between Rotherhithe and Wapping.


Richard MAYNE, Commissioner, called to give evidence to the Select Committee on Dogs. He stated that in the Metropolis there were a rising number of lost or stolen dogs. In the preceding year over 600 dogs were lost and 60 stolen. He declared the law to be in a very unsatisfactory state as people paid money for restoration of dogs. ‘People paid monies to parties whom they have reason to believe have either stolen or enticed them away in order to get the reward...’. MAYNE believed it to be organised crime.

Trafalgar Square Act

Uniform: New pattern with white buttons bearing words ‘Metropolitan Police’.

Henry SOLOMON (Chief Constable of Brighton) murdered by LAWRENCE.

May - ‘Bricklayers Arms’ terminus (off Old Kent Road) opened by the South-Eastern Railway Company to relieve congestion at London Bridge.


Telegraphy first used to assist apprehension of a criminal (John TAWELL).

The Commissioners, in returns to the Home Office, stated that the aim of the Force was to have one policeman to 450 head of population.

Cottage Road (Gerald Road) Pimlico police station opened on ‘B’ (Westminster Division).


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