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Metropolitan Police History

Period 1946 to date

Time Zone: 1961 - 1975


William Herbert CORNISH appointed Receiver.

The Receiver's Office moved from New Scotland Yard to new premises at Tintagel House.

The minicab arrived on the London scene and action by the Metropolitan Police resulted in 24 convictions for illegal plying for hire.

Police Federation Act 1961 gave Women Police full representative and voting rights. Introduction of the National First Aid Competition.

Mar - Formation of the Metropolitan Police Frogman Unit. (Police Order 24 March 1961).

Mar 3 - Mrs Elsie BATTEN murdered in Soho - First time Identikit picture used to apprehend killer (Edwin BUSH) in England.

Mar 15 - Arthur JONES sentenced at the Central Criminal Court for rape of 11- year-old Girl Guide. Subsequently convicted for the murder of another Girl Guide.

Mar 22 - LONSDALE/KROGERS/GEE/HOUGHTON case at the Central Criminal Court.

May 3 - George BLAKE sentenced to 42 years at Central Criminal Court for spying.

May 11 -Review of Security procedures and practice in the public service (Chairman Lord RATCLIFFE).

Jun 3 - Insp Philip PAWSEY and SPS Frederick George HUTCHINS shot by a man escaping from questioning in West Ham Police Station.

Aug 21 - Goya’s Duke of Wellington portrait stolen from National Art Gallery.


The rate of indictable crimes for the year reached an all time high - 214,120.

Feb 18 - HANRATTY sentenced to death for A6 murder.

Mar - New Addington Estate Police Office opened.

Apr 4 - RADCLIFFE report published - ‘Security Procedures in the Public Service.

May - Last London Trolley Bus at Fulwell garage.

May 25 - Formation of Working Party to examine organisation and duties of Women Police. Age limit to join reduced to 19 years.

Jun 5 - Working Party appointed to examine the organisation and duties of the C.I.D. in Divisions.

Jun 30 - First programme in ‘Police Five’ Series.


The Commissioner, Joseph SIMPSON, stressed the need for the Beat System to reduced motorised patrols and deter incidents of crime.

The first computer to be used by the Metropolitan Police (an ICT 1301) was set up in the Receiver’s Office for use on pay and crime statistics.

Recruitment of Explosives Officers.

Jul 5 - B.10 Accident Research Branch formed.

Jul 22 - Stephen WARD trial at the Central Criminal Court.

Aug 7 - Great Train Robbery in Bedfordshire.

Sep - Dartford Tunnel Traffic Officers formed.

Dec 6 - Christine KEELER sentenced at the Central Criminal Court to 9 months for perjury and conspiracy to obstruct the course of justice.


The worst year so far this century for crime, with over a quarter of a million indictable crimes.

Licensing Act 1964.

Award of the George Medal to W.P.C. Margaret Cleland for courage in rescuing a known deranged man and his child from a roof.

The Police Act. Much of the 19th century police legislation repealed. Functions and duties of police authorities, Home Secretary and chief constables defined.

Feb 1 - Regional Crime Squads became operative in the Metropolitan Police District.

Jul 31 - Inquiry into the case of DS CHALLENOR. Police faced major criticism and complaints as a result of the CHALLENOR case in which a policeman was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic and made infamous for planting evidence.

Aug 13 - Last Executions - Peter ALLEN (Walton prison, Liverpool) and Gwynne EVANS (Strangeways prison, Manchester).

Suspension of death penalty for trial period.

Aug 21 - Start of ‘Scotland Yard Calling’ on B.B.C.

Sep 22 - Explosives Officers appointed to Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory.

Dec - New Sectional Police Station opens at Esher replacing the old Constabulary station acquired in 1947.


Personal Radios introduced.

Administrative Units created at Police Stations

Central Surveillance of the M4 motorway.

Uniform: Traffic Division officers carry separate shoulder letters ‘TD’ instead of sub-divisional codes.

Jan 26 - Death of Sir Winston CHURCHILL.

Apr - Special Patrol Group formed, comprising 100 officers. It arrested 396 people in its first 9 months of operation. Under Command of CO (A2) Branch.

Apr 1 - Greater London Council formed, replacing LCC. Administrative County of Middlesex abolished.

Revision of Divisional and Metropolitan Police District in consequence of the London Government Act 1963 (Police Order 6 August 1964).

‘Q’ Division established, covering Brent, Harrow and Bushey.

Romford Division transferred to the Met from Essex Constabulary, covering new London Borough of Havering (Later transferred to Essex Police in 1974.

Sep 3 - Appointment of Identikit Operators - attached to C.11.

Oct 26 - Parliamentary Bill came into force abolishing Death Penalty for trial period.


‘Two tone’ air horn sirens introduced on Rover police cars.

Metropolitan Police Clerical Staff assist at Court.

Notting Hill Carnival founded.

Mar - George Cornwell shot dead in ‘Blind Beggar’, Mile End Gate. by Ronnie Kray

Sydenham Police Station opened.

May 6 - Ian BRADY and Myra HINDLEY sentenced to life imprisonment at Chester Assizes.

Jun - Wood Street Police Station (City) opened, replacing Cloak Lane.

Jul - Ealing Police Station opened.

World Cup played at Wembley (England 4, West Germany 2).

Aug 12 - DS Christopher Tippett HEAD, PC Geoffrey Roger FOX and TDC Stanley Bertram WOMBWELL members of ‘Q’ Car F11 shot dead as they questioned three suspects in a van at Shepherds Bush (DUDDY, ROBERTS and WITNEY).

Oct - Harefield Police Office re-opened.

Oct 12 - Report of Enquiry into the case of Timothy EVANS, EVANS granted posthumous pardon.

Oct 23 - George BLAKE escaped from Wormwood Scrubs.

Nov 15 - Harry ROBERTS captured at Bishop’s Stortford. (Re murder of three police officers in Shepherds Bush).

Dec 12 - Harry ROBERTS sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for Shepherds Bush murders.

Dec 22 - Report by Mountbatten Enquiry into Prison Escapes and Security published.


Kenneth Alfred Lamport PARKER appointed Receiver.

First Black Police Officer - Norwell ROBERTS.

Introduction of Civilian Vehicle Removers, Communication Officers, Driving Instructors and Process Servers.

Mr A A HAMMOND appointed Chief Commandant of the Metropolitan Police Special Constabulary (until 1988).

Jan 3 - Appointment of Public Relations Officer (Mr. G. D. GREGORY, O.B.E., D.S.C.).

Feb - Commissioner’s Office and Receiver’s Office move from the Norman Shaw building to a new building in Broadway, SW1. The name ‘New Scotland Yard’ is retained.

Feb 3 - P.A. Management Consultants Limited appointed to investigate distribution of functions and responsibilities within the Metropolitan Police.

Feb 21 - Force Inspectorate set up.

Mar 1 - Unit Beat Policing first used in the Metropolitan Police District (‘P’- Bromley and ‘Q - Harlesden Divisions) (Panda Cars).

Mar 6 - Commencement of experimental scheme in use of helicopters by police.

Apr - Seat Belts introduced.

Apr 11 - ‘Scotland Yard’ - television programme on the work, history and personalities of the old building.

Apr 14 - Police Order concerning opening of police post on M4 motorway at Heston.

May - Thames Division at Hampton moved to new location at Platts Eyot.

May 17 - Armorial Bearings granted by Queen Elizabeth II. Royal Licence. Queen and H.R.H. Prince Philip handed colours to Metropolitan Police at the new Broadway Headquarters.

Jun 8 - Charles RICHARDSON sentenced to 25 years at the Central Criminal Court.

Jun - Welling Police office opened.

Radlett Police Office opened.

New Blackwall Tunnel opened.

Jul - Breathalyser introduced.

Aug - New Cadet Centre opened at Wanstead.

Aug 2 - Report by the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Commons criticised cost of new Headquarters for the Metropolitan Police stated to have been four times the original estimate.

Aug 9 - Formation of the Public Relations Department.

Aug 29 - Twenty Chinese officials attacked police outside Chinese Legation in London.

Sep - The ‘Job’ newspaper published.

Sep 15 - Uniform: Police Order concerning new style uniform for the Metropolitan Police Women Police.

Oct - Research and Development Branch re-organised.

Nov 5 - 49 killed in Hither Green Railway Accident.

Nov 11 - Metropolitan Police newspaper ‘The Job’ commenced publication.

Dec 14 - Police Order concerning the merger of the Commissioner’s Office and the Receiver’s Office with effect from April 1, 1968.

Dec - New hostel for WPCs opened at Canadian Avenue, Catford SE6.


Merger of Commissioner’s Office and Receiver’s Office.

Post of Director of Finance introduced.

Post of Director of Administration introduced.

Police National Computer Unit set up.

Scenes of Crime Officer scheme introduced.

West London Traffic experiment - First use of computer to control traffic.

Jan - First black woman PC - Sislin Fay ALLEN (The Job, 5 January 1968).

Uniform: New style Women Police uniform designed by Norman Hartnell introduced.

Mar 19 - P.A. Management Consultants Ltd. final report and recommendations.

Mar 20 - Death of Commissioner, Sir Joseph SIMPSON, in office. Succeeded by Sir John WALDRON.

Apr 1 - Unified Metropolitan Police Civil Staff under the Receiver.

May 31 - Peel House closed as Police Training Unit.

Jun - New Metropolitan Police Cadet School at Hendon became operational.

Jun 26 - Report of Fulton Committee on the Civil Service.

Jul 1 - Uniform: Armlets withdrawn (Police Order 21 June 1968).

Sep - Victoria Line (Tube) opened by Queen Elizabeth II. Walthamstow to Highbury and Islington.

Sep 14 - Extensive flooding in various part of the Metropolitan Police District.

Sep 24 - Scenes of Crime Branch to be established in ‘C’ Department.

Oct - Grosvenor Square riots outside US Embassy.

Dec 17 - Mary BELL sentenced to life detention at Newcastle Assizes for manslaughter of two boys.


PC Michael John DAVIES fatally stabbed while off after identifying himself to warn a man who had accosted him. He had recently been the ‘star’ of a recruiting film made by the Metropolitan Police.

Abolition of Capital Punishment.

Serious Crime Squad became permanent.

Clear up rate on indictable offences reached 28%, the best since 1957.

Metropolitan Police Officers sent to offer assistance in the Anguilla crisis.

Juvenile Bureaux introduced (Police Order 31 January 1969).

Women Police Officers achieve equality in pay. Chief Superintendent Becke became the first woman Commander. Women Police Establishment 629. Strength 515 uniform and 77 CID.

Feb 18 - Raymond MORRIS sentenced at Staffordshire Assizes to life imprisonment for murder of Christine DARBY.

Mar - Victoria Line extended from Warren Street to Victoria.

Mar 5 - KRAY Twins sentenced at the Central Criminal Court to life imprisonment for murder.

Apr - Knockholt Police Station (PT) handed back to Kent Constabulary.

Jun 1 - Re-grading of ranks, both uniform and C.I.D., men and women: Commander re-designated Deputy Assistant Commissioner. Deputy Commander re-designated Commander. Superintendent re-designated Chief Superintendent (no Superintendent rank).

Jul - First Sikh PC, Piara Singh KENTH (formerly of the Kenya Police Force).

Jul 20 - Approval by the Queen for the letters ‘K.P.M’., ‘K.P.F.S.M’. or ‘Q.P.M.’ to be used after surname.

Sep - Squatters in possession of 144 Piccadilly.

Oct 10 - John BLOOM fined £20,000 at the Central Criminal Court in connection with Rolls Razor washing machine company.


Women Officers joined the Mounted Branch.

Jan 28 - Uniform: First British Police Officer to wear turban - Kenya-born Special Constable Harbans Singh JABBAL at East Ham.

Jul 23 - Two C.S. canisters thrown into the House of Commons Chamber from the Strangers Gallery.

Jul 24 - Police Box system discontinued.

Oct 6 - Nizamodeen and Arthur HOSEIN found guilty at the Central Criminal Court of the murder of Mrs Muriel McKAY and sentenced to life imprisonment.


The Commissioner, Sir John WALDRON, in his annual report said, ‘With deep and lasting traditions the Metropolitan Police is an impressive institution by every standard and in any company in the world.’

Computerisation of police personnel and Criminal Records.

Withdrawal of ‘Panda’ Cars.

Women appointed dog handlers.

Jan - Protective Shields to be available to police.

Mar - Surrey Canal closed from Addington Basin, Camberwell and Canal Head, Peckham to Surrey Docks.

Jul - Victoria Line tube extended from Victoria to Brixton.

Aug 23 - Supt RICHARDSON shot while grappling with gunman in Blackpool.

Oct - Armed Forces Constabularies amalgamated to form Ministry of Police (MOD).

Oct 10 - Frederick Joseph SEWELL arrested and charged with the murder of Supt RICHARDSON.

Oct 31 - Bomb explosion at the Post Office Tower.

Nov - Traffic Patrols vacate Trio Place for new premises at Maltby Street, Bermondsey (TDM).

Dec 1 - Jack PRESCOTT sentenced to 15 years at the Central Criminal Court in connection with explosions in London and other cities.

Dec 13 - Edward PAISNEL sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for offences against juveniles in JERSEY.


Commissioner, Sir John WALDRON retired. Succeeded by Sir Robert MARK.

Rank of Superintendent re-introduced. Rank of Station Police Sergeant started to be phased out.

Women appointed to Traffic Division.

Uniform: New ‘Surrey’ style uniform for Women Police introduced.

Anguilla attachment disbanded.

Feb 22 - Aldershot bomb explosion.

Apr - New Police Station at 21 Fortune Green Rd, West Hampstead (‘E’) replaces old station at 90 West End Lane (‘S’).

Apr 24 - Administrative changes in control and supervision of the Force (interchange: uniform, C.I.D., Traffic, A.10).

Jun 18 - Trident air crash at Staines.

Jun 29 - Graham YOUNG sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering workmates by administering thallium poisoning.

Aug - Uniform: Women Police issued with white cotton gloves for ceremonial wear (Police Order 25 August 1972).

Sep 22 - Police Order regarding integration of Women Police within the Force structure.

Dec 6 - Four members of the Angry Brigade jailed at the Central Criminal Court for conspiracy to cause explosions.

Dec 27 - Robbery at National Westminster Bank in Kensington High Street - PC SLIMON, although shot and injured, shot dead one raider and wounded another.


PC Michael Anthony WHITING killed after clinging to a car which had driven off after he had stopped and questioned the driver in Charing Cross Road.

Commissioner, Sir Robert MARK, worked to restore the integrity of the Metropolitan Police and 90 officers leave as a result.

The Commissioner established better relations with the media by setting out a policy of openness.

Jan - Re-organisation of Traffic Division from 8 Areas into 6 and creation of a HQ Unit (B8).

Jan 1 - Uniform: Introduction of ‘diced’ cap bands. (Police Order 2 January 1973).

Feb 4 - Closure of A.4 Branch (Women Police). Women Police formally integrated into the Metropolitan Police. Equal rights of training, duties, promotion etc. Separate establishments abolished. Commander Shirley Becke appointed to Inspectorate.

Feb 20 - Incident at Indian High Commission. Two Pakistani youths shot dead.

Mar 3 - Bombs damaged the Central Criminal Court and Ministry of Agriculture. Bomb found outside New Scotland Yard in car parked in Broadway - defused.

May 24 - Security Commission set up to investigate possible breaches of security (Mr LAMBTON / Lord JELLICOE).

Sep 18 - Police Order regarding conversion to automatic working of the Metropolitan Police telephone system.

Nov 14 - Wedding of Princess Anne.

Eight members of the I.R.A. sentenced for their part in London bomb outrages.


Ronald James GUPPY appointed Receiver.

Bomb outrages continued throughout the year.

Feb 11 - POULSON / POTTINGER sentenced.

Mar 20 - Ian BALL attempted to kidnap Princess Anne in the Mall.

Apr 1 - Force Strength - 26,049, Population of London - 7,902,904.

Apr 13 - Kenneth LENNON’s body found in ditch in Surrey.

May 31 - Peel Centre, Hendon opened by the Queen.

Jun 15 - Red Lion Square demonstration.

Jul 21 - Police National Computer commenced operation with the Central Vehicle Index.

Nov 1 - Metropolitan Police assumed responsibility for policing Heathrow Airport from BAA Constabulary (AD).

Nov 7 - Murder of Sandra RIVETT - subsequent disappearance of Lord LUCAN.


Bomb outrages continued throughout the year.

The Commissioner made an appeal on television for ethnic minority recruits.

Female Cadets introduced.

Jan 14 - Lesley WHITTLE kidnapped.

Feb 26 - PC Stephen TIBBLE shot while off duty pursuing a suspected terrorist.

Feb 28 - Accident at Moorgate underground station. 43 people died and 74 injured.

‘Confidential Informations’ ceased Saturday publication.

Mar 7 - Body of Lesley WHITTLE found.

Mar 21 - John STONEHOUSE, M.P. and Sheila BUCKLEY arrested in Australia.

Jun 5 - E.E.C. Referendum.

Jul - Piccadilly line Heath Row extension extended to Hounslow West and Hatton Cross.

Aug - Trinity Road Police Station (Wandsworth Common) on ‘W’ Division closed.

Aug 29 - Explosives Officer, Captain R. P. GOAD, killed by the explosion of a terrorist bomb which he was attempting to defuse in Kensington.

Sep 28 - Spaghetti House siege.

Oct 23 - Professor Gordon Hamilton FAIRLEY killed by bomb placed under car.

Nov 16 - Aloi KALOGHIROU kidnapped.

Nov 21 - Patrick MacKAY sentenced at the Central Criminal Court.

Nov 27 - Ross McWHIRTER shot dead.

Dec 6 - Balcombe Street siege.



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