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Metropolitan Police History

Time Zone: 1991 - present


PS Alan Derek KING stabbed by a suspect he stopped in Chingford.

DC James MORRISON stabbed to death after chasing a suspect on Charing Cross Division while off duty.

Sector Policing introduced, involving a team of officers with a continuing responsibility for the same small community area or sector.

Mar - New Plumstead police station opened (Station code changed from RP to RA).

Apr - PSV badges ceased to be issued for the first time since 1838.

Jun - The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea established its own Parks Constabulary.

Aug - Waterloo Pier Police Station closed to the public


Graham ANGEL appointed Receiver.

Feb - First 5 year Corporate Strategy published.

Mar - Canary Wharf Police Office opened (HC).

Apr - New Islington Police Station replaces Upper Street (NI).

Sep - Met’s smallest police station, Wellington Arch Police Station, closes (AW).

Nov - The ‘Tank’, the bar at New Scotland Yard, replaced by a gymnasium.

Oct 5 - Bow Street Police Station closed as an operational police station and transferred to Charing Cross.


Commissioner, Sir Peter IMBERT retired. Succeeded by Sir Paul CONDON.

Jan 8- Four figure warrant numbers for female police officers cease at 9994. - now issued with six figures in same sequence as men.

Jan 1 - ‘Confidential Informations’ ceased publication. Incorporated into Police Gazette.

Apr 1 - Hyde Park Police Station passed over responsibility to the Royal Parks Police.

Jun - Operation Bumblebee introduced and had a considerable impact on burglary in the capital.

Sep - New Belgravia Police Station opened (AB) replacing Rochester Row (AR) and Gerald Row (AL).

Sep 28 - The Metropolitan Police Charter was launched by Commissioner Paul Condon, defining the role of the police and public expectations.

Oct - PC Patrick DUNNE shot when responding to a report of gunfire in Clapham.


Metropolitan Police Service key objectives established for the first time by the Government, plus key performance indicators.

New 22” acrylic straight baton truncheons (hollow and solid) introduced in 1994 as part of Officer Safety Programme.

Jan - Leman St and Bethnal Green amalgamated as ‘Whitechapel’ Division (HT).

Clapham and Kennington Road Amalgamated as ‘Vauxhall’ Division (LX).

Feb 9 - PS Derek John Carnie ROBERTSON stabbed when intercepting three armed robbers leaving a post office at New Addington.

Feb - City Road Police Station renamed ‘Shoreditch’ (GD).

Aug 1 - Force Reorganisation - Five Areas created (Job volume 27, Issue 685, dated 5 Aug 1994).

Sep - Waterloo International Railway Station opens for business (Euro Tunnel).

Nov 9 - Pedal cycles issued (Notices 45/94).

Nov - Orpington and Bromley Police Amalgamated as PY (Bromley).


PC Phillip John WALTERS shot when dealing with three men for causing a disturbance in Ilford.

Body Armour issued to front line officers.

John Sale BEASTALL appointed Receiver.

Part of Ashford Sector (TPO at Colnbrook and Poyle transferred to Thames Valley Police.

Apr 1 - Metropolitan Police Committee formed.

Crime Report Information System (CRIS) introduced and computerised the means of recording crime.

Rank of Chief Superintendent abolished. Ranks of Superintendent Grades I and II reintroduced.

Jun 24 - Prisoner Escort to Court Service transferred from the Metropolitan Police to Securicor Custodial Services Ltd after 137 years.


Philip John FLETCHER appointed Receiver.

‘The London Beat’ published.

Jan - New Traffic Garage opened at Aitkin Road, Catford (TDP) Bemondsey (TDM) reduced to Removals Branch only.

Feb - IRA bomb exploded at South Quay in Docklands, killing 2 and injured many.

The Metropolitan Police Service launched its Website at


PC Nina Alexandra MacKAY stabbed during the course of attempting to detain a man known to be violent towards police at a house in Forest Gate.

Installation of N.A.F.I.S., the National Automatic Fingerprint Identification System.

Aug - CS Spray issued (Notices 33/97).


The Metropolitan Police launched the Policing Diversity Strategy in response to the majority of issues raised in the enquiry into the death of Stephen LAWRENCE. The aim - to provide better protection to ethnic communities from racial and violent crime and to demonstrate fairness in every aspect of policing.


The handling of the Greek Embassy siege demonstrated the professionalism of the Metropolitan Police Service.


Commissioner, Sir Paul CONDON retired. Succeeded by Sir John STEVENS.

Jul - Metropolitan Police Authority becomes the Police Authority for the Metropolitan Police instead of Home Secretary. The post of Receiver for the Metropolitan Police District is abolished for police purposes, but continues in operation for the Inner London Magistrates Courts Service for a few more months.

Sir John STEVENS issued his Policing Pledge for Londoners.


Sep 11 - Terrorist attacks in USA using hi-jacked airliners against the World Trade Centre New York, and the Pentagon, Washington create dramatically different world situation. Officers from Scotland Yard assist the New York police in relation to identifying victims and family liaison.

Oct 21 - First MPS Memorial Service held to commemorate officers who have died on duty held in the new Garden of Remembrance, Peel Centre, in presence of HM The Queen accompanied by the Commissioner.


Dec 26 - Tsunami in SE Asia. Casualty Bureau at Hendon opens and receives over 17,000 calls per hour, with up to 400 operators employed.


Sir Ian Blair becomes Commissioner.

Jul 7 - Islamist bomb attacks on 3 London Underground trains and a bus.

Jul 21 - Unsuccessful attacks on London’s Tubes and Buses.


Oct 2 - Counter-Terrorist Command (SO15) formed, combining the previous functions of Special Branch and the Anti-Terrorist Branch.

July 14 - Bow Street, the Chief Metropolitan Magistrates Court for London, part of the same building as Bow Street Police Station closed and the title of Chief Magistrates Court passed to Horseferry Road Magistrates Court, SW1.


Jan - Trial of 6 men accused of the July 21 attempted attacks commences.


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