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Metropolitan Police History

Time Zone: 1945


Commissioner, Sir Philip GAME retired. Succeeded by Sir Harold SCOTT.

Report by Sub Committee of Police Council on Income Tax on Rent Allowance.

Sir Frederick Charles JOHNSON appointed Receiver.

Ghost Squad set up to deal with black marketeers at end of WWII.

Mar 7 - V1 (Doodle Bug) fell on Waltham Holy Cross, Herts.

Mar 8 - Karl Gustav HULTEN executed for ‘cleft chin’ murder.

Mar 27 - 1,050th and last rocket (‘V2’) fell at Orpington.

Mar 28 - Last siren warning in London.

Mar 29 - Last siren warning in England at Colchester.

Last flying bomb (‘V1’) fell at Iwade, Kent.

May 5 - Germany surrendered.

During 1939-45 war, Metropolitan Police losses were - 207 policemen and 1 policewoman killed in air raids. 491 policemen killed in armed forces.

May 8 - ‘VE’ Day (Victory in Europe).

Jul 25 - General Election - Labour returned.

Aug 6 - Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Aug 9 - Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

Aug 14 - Japan surrendered.

Aug 15 - ‘VJ’ Day (Victory over Japan).

Nov 18 - End of Belsen trial.

Nov 20 - Nuremberg trial commenced.

Dec 10 - New Waterloo Bridge formally opened.


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