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Officer 50

Location of interview:

Officer's Gender:Male

Date joined Met Police:

Date left Met Police:

Rank of leaving:Superintendent

Divisons served:C (West End Central), Kentish Town, M (Southwark)

Specialist service:Kent Police. Public Order. Marine Support Unit. Counter terrorism. Staff

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Track 1:     8' 9”:   Introduction.   Early life.   Moved to Kent.  Service as Royal Marine Commando. Difficulty with meeting height limit, but service as a Royal Marine counted as special circumstances.  Interviewed by Assistant Chief Constable Hallett and Woman Superintendent Bishop and selected for Kent Police.   Later transferred to Metropolitan Police as a Sergeant.

Wanted to join Met because he had grown up in London.

Track 2:     9' 23”: Applied to transfer and was interviewed at Paddington Green police station. Cursory medical examination.   Height limit had been abolished a few years before.  A small number of Sergeants were successful.   Requested to be posted to central London.  Surprised at the number of Constables to deploy. Custody duty was very busy.  Sergeants rotated duties on team. Routinely busy as if dealing on a conveyor belt.   More officers responded to calls for urgent assistance than in Kent.

Track 3:   8' 14”:  Applied for promotion to Inspector but unsuccessful because of lack of experience of Met. Change from 8 to 5 Areas.  Whilst awaiting promotion in February 1995 became Temporary DS at Kentish Town.  Shooting incident at Somers Town near Kings Cross and relationship with shooting victim.

Track 4:  4' 15”:  Raid on illegal drinking club in West End, and mistaken entry to wrong doorway.

Track 5:  4' 46”:   1991 drugs operation.  Arrested man with knife in his sock after violent struggle. Assisted by female officer and both were commended.

Track 6:  9' 39”:     Promoted to Inspector at Southwark.   Posted as Operations Inspector with Sector Policing.   Relationships with community from Waterloo to Borough.  Responsibility for resources. Hostels for vagrants.  Southwark Cathedral.  Policing of Lesbian and Gay Christian Association Service filmed on TV.

Track 7:  13' 59”:   Inspector dealing with firearms incident in Old Kent Road and entry into night club. Support from Sergeants. Three firearms operations in one night in Southwark.  Frequency of use of firearms in SE London.   Brindle and Arif families.  Operation to arrest contract killer.  Terrorist and explosion of bus at Aldwych. Community officer presentation of award for work in South Quays, Docklands.

Track 8:  2' 04”:  Bomb explosion in Panton Street, West End near Haymarket.  Crime scene preservation.

Track 9:   12' 55”:   Globe Theatre Southwark and relationship with theatre staff.  Opening ceremony and security. Design of exhibition investigating Gunpowder Plot as education initiative 2005.   Lack of continuity of staff.  Globe Theatre and Metropolitan Police partnership funding of scheme for black youth on cusp of criminality to interest them in drama.   Drums and black culture.

Track 10:   1' 10”:  Commitment to Globe Theatre lasted for 10 years after he left his post as local Sector Inspector

Track 11:   35' 18”:  Relationship with Ministry of Sound night club.  Anti drugs programmes. Drugs disposal boxes. Training and supervision of floor staff.  Door staff brought from Birmingham to avoid local pressures.   Farewell party on promotion included people from Guy's hospital and the University.  On promotion, worked as Staff Officer to DAC Andy Trotter.  Work of Staff Officer similar to very senior Personal Assistant, arranging affairs on behalf of senior officer. Applied for job in charge of Thames Division, and moved to headquarters at Wapping police station.    Morale and efficiency of Thames Division officers.  Protection of London, modernising river policing and preparing for Millennium celebrations.  Method of organisation of Greenpeace demonstrators.   Port of London Authority.   Revenue and Customs.   Role of police on River Thames and justifying police presence.  Search and rescue transferred to RNLI. Crime and disorder operations from the river.  Anti terrorism security after 11 September 2001. Suspect ship possibly involved in terrorism that needed to be intercepted with military expertise.  Operation Linkage.  Ship mv Nisha boarded with stealth.  Crew traumatised by military assault.   Ship sailed by Royal Navy personnel and berthed off Isle of Wight.  Loaded with sugar. Work for Assistant Commissioner David Veness.  Maritime Counter Terrorism strategy and exercises.Liaison with Faslane nuclear base.  Operations against shipping and drugs importation. Underwater searching.

Track 12:   18' 11”:   Marine Support Unit and Air Support Unit. Divers in underwater search unit working in cold, dark water, relying on touch.  Undertook diving qualification and had responsibility for legal safety requirements.   Heavily polluted, smelly and vermin infested waters. Female diver in post.   Diving procedure.  Cess pit and requirement for sterilisation. Demonstration for schools visit involving huge conger eel.  Air support unit.  Three Bell helicopters of advancing age.      Experience of flying in police helicopter  1000 feet above Chelsea and searching for suspect vehicle.      Visit to Strathclyde Police diving unit.  Flight in Strathclyde Police helicopter.  Ministry of Defence Police at Faslane.

Track 13: 21' 47”: Public Order trained officer and instructor. Public Order training qualification from Kent. Advanced Public Order training 2002. Transfer to Public Order training branch at Hounslow. Implemented plans to move to Gravesend, Kent, with Firearms Training Unit. Check test for Incident Response Vehicle driving standard. Personalities of trainers. Moved from Gravesend to Maidstone whilst serving in Kent. Football match Commander Wembley and Arsenal. Specialist public order support. New Year's Eve. Trooping the Colour. Stop the War protests. Lambeth Conference. Potential of female officer promoted to Chief Inspector. Rowan Williams.

Track 14: 21' 15”: Represented Police in Paris 2005 to celebrate Entente Cordiale. Selected for Superintendent and awaiting posting. Female Inspector replaced him as Chief Inspector.  Worked for National Police Training, Centrex. Promoted to Superintendent 4 July 2005 in policy post concerned with corporate risk management. 7 July 2005 suicide bombings. Attended Special Operations Room. Welfare responsibility. 16 hour day tours of duty until 21 July. Duty in central London. Shooting at Stockwell Underground station. Taking up new post delayed until September.   12 hour Night Duty after normal 8am – 6pm day duty as Superintendent.

Track 15: 7' 25”: Multi-agency working after July 2005 bombings. Assistant Commissioner's commendation. Officer who chased car thieves on police motor cycle given commendation. Alexander Litvinenko murder consequences. 30 plus scheme for continuing to serve after 30 years service.   Plans for retirement.


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