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Officer 51

Location of interview:Wimbledon, via skype in Clapham

Officer's Gender:Male

Date joined Met Police:12 October 1964

Date left Met Police: 5 October 2000

Rank of leaving:Inspector

Divisons served:E (Kentish Town), S (Golders Green)

Specialist service:Cadet

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Track 1: 15’37” Introduction to interview.  Life before the Metropolitan Police Service: family life in Gloucestershire, Grandparents, 1952 move to Sutton in Surrey, Schooling in Chelmsford and later in Sutton, and finally in the Police cadets. Qualifications: School certificate. Reasons for joining the Metropolitan Police Service cadets: desire to continue education, alternative to military training.   Selection  process:  interview  Borough  High  Street,  medical  examination.   Posting  to Hendon cadet corps. Discusses letter detailing selection for cadets. Arrival at Hendon  and allocation of a dormitory place within a hut. Recalls the A intake, the first phase of the 18 month course under Colonel Croft, the second phase at Ashford Kent training centre and later attachment to a division in Kentish Town. Posting to Kentish Town and living in Dalston section house. Reflections about the diversity of the Kentish Town division. Discusses a scandal involving PCs and pornographic photo shoots, leading to the importation of new officers. Walking the beat and community policing. Relationship as a cadet with the PCs and members of the public. Process of cadet training: women and ethnic minority or non-Londoners in the cadet corps. Decision to join the Metropolitan Police Service from the cadet corps.

Track 2: 8’41” 1964 Hendon training experience. Describes the accommodation and set up of the Hendon training centre and accommodation. 3 stages of the 13 week training process: rote learning, A reports and learning the primary objects to learn (prevention of crime, detection and punishment). Police cadets uniform. Absence of women in the training process. Role of female police officers. Peel House. Character of training group: Scotsmen, ex-RAF. Sports while at Hendon.

Track 3: 18’07” Posting to S division of Golders Green and reflects on sporting reason for posting to certain divisions. Section house lifestyle and policing procedure and protocol. Reflections about the equipment and technology aiding policing: truncheon, a notebook. Character of Golders Green division and community: Irish population, Hampstead Garden suburbs inspired by Henrietta Barnett and the diversity of the community. Discusses policing characters on the heath, tackling problems in the Crown pub at Cricklewood Broadway. Main crimes and in particular tackling burglary. Cyclists. Parading on duty and the team. Introduction of the Noddy and the aspiration of officers to work with cars. Female police officers role as a separate department. Jewish officer. Reception of probationers. Division between the drivers and the non-drivers. Recollections of his first reported accident he dealt with.  Bishops Avenue burglaries.


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