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Officer 57

Location of interview:Burrwood, Dorset

Officer's Gender:Male

Date joined Met Police: 6 May 1956

Date left Met Police: 6 May 1986

Rank of leaving:Chief Inspector

Divisons served:A (Rochester Row), H (Leman Street),

Specialist service:No specialities

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Track 1: 1.02 Introduction.

Track 2: 2.56 Disruptive home life in Northampton in council property. Left school at 14 years working on railway instead of merchant navy. Father dies and stayed at home until youngest sibling found work.

Track 3: 6.16 Chose to join Metropolitan Police to avoid possibility of having to deal with former workmates on railway. Attended Beak Street for interview. Then training at Peel House. Becoming used to discipline. Superintendent Thomas Wall. Chosen as right marker for drill. Learning A reports by rote.

Track 4: 2.34 Posted to Rochester Row. Protection posts. Government buildings and Government Ministers. 4 hours of duty on post. Became Acting Sergeant because of his age.

Track 5: 5.07 Public house in Regency Square. Patrolling with Inspector with pint of beer under his cape. Recollections of characters at police station, and stopping suspects in the street. Traffic point Vauxhall Bridge Road, called to Victoria Palace theatre and tricked into running on to the stage.

Track 6: 2.01 Female officers. On patrol and met WPC on her first day out on patrol, who later became his wife.

Track 7: 4.06 Recollections of Sergeant, Chief Superintendent and Aides to CID. No BME officers.

Track 8: 3.18 Lived in section house at Carter Street for 3 months, then moved to upper floor at Rochester Row. Then Ambrosden House until he got married. Then lived in a flat at Camberwell. Saved up and bought house at Welling where he lived for 37 years. Interested in railways and industrial archaeology. Helped with Cub Scouts.

Track 9: 2.36 Helped Cub Scouts and swimming lessons. Re-formed Scout troop at his church. Scout leader and group Scout Leader.

Track 10: 2.28 Acted as compere at concert party. Activities at church. Played rugby at station level. Self-defence with Herbie Castle

Track 11: 7.22 Promoted Sergeant in 1962 and posted to Leman Street. Relations with public, contrast between A and H Divisions. Visit from Prince Philip and removal of shoes from prisoner kicking cell door. Dealing with man stabbed with knife in his back.

Track 12: 2.29 Different community on H Division. Relations with Jewish community. Asian and West Indian communities.

Track 13: 11.44 Sergeant at Leman Street 1962 – 1968, then promoted Station Sergeant and transferred to Plaistow, covering North Woolwich. Disturbance at police station and charging perpetrators. Report about traffic management. Ronan Point disaster. Transfer to B2 Branch (Traffic Management) as deputy to Inspector in charge. Then promoted to Inspector. Eventually selected as Chief Inspector after course at Bramshill. Involved in traffic branches at Scotland Yard for remainder of his service.

Track 14: 3.24 Acting Superintendent for last period, and need to apply for extension to serve beyond age limit to accumulate 30 years' service for pension purpose. Unemployment benefit for 3 months.

Track 15: 5.28 Changes noted during his service. Advent of personal radio. Shirt sleeve order, and short-sleeved shirt. Computers replaced teleprinters. Uniform jacket design changed. Jacket with belt. Detachable ties. Investigating Officer for complaints and discipline.

Track 16: 1.19 Police Service v Police Force. Comment regarding discipline.

Track 17: 6.54 Vice duties at Leman Street, dealing with vice, prostitutes and brothels. Difficulty of disguise. Cable Street. Unlicensed clubs. First appearance at Bow Street court. Sir Lawrence Dunn.

Track 18: 4.48 Attended court and conducted prosecution at magistrate courts. Duty at Middlesex Sessions. Judge Euan Montague. Anecdotes about stipendiary magistrates.


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