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Officer 58

Location of interview:Harlsden, Norfolk

Officer's Gender:Male

Date joined Met Police: 1 October 1955

Date left Met Police: 1 October 1980

Rank of leaving:Constable

Divisons served:M (Peckham), Y (Hornsey)

Specialist service:No specialities

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Track 1: 00'43”: Introduction to the interview.

Track 2: 04'56”: Life before joining the Metropolitan Police: family life and circumstances; father Army service as Commission Officer; postings and school; military life overseas; returns to UK aged 14yrs; schooling in the UK; Guernsey and being evacuated. Job, railways goods yard; joins Royal Navy; tapped on shoulder by Royal Marine; service in Royal Marines; Commando unit and active service; Ceylon; Burma; Hong Kong; Palestine; instructor Commando training school.Leaves Royal Marines.

Track 3: 04'01”: Joining Metropolitan Police: considers Constabularies but rejects idea; recruitment process; interview; acknowledgement of RM service; TS; Posted Peckham: Police Married Quarters, Hornsey. Posted Hornsey. Learning Beats; learning discretion.

Track 4: 02'20: Ambition to get on Area Car: Velocette; falling off and saved by children; radios on Velocette and calls; Driving Courses; Advanced Course; scrapes, tactical stops and arrests; arrests.

Track 5: 01'51”: Women Police Officers: not keen having women on the car; typical example of ignorant male attitudes; first women on car;  problems, but ends being very impressed.

Track 6: 02'10”: BME Officers: childhood experience; certain amount of prejudice; changed mind; asked direction to a brothel; decides his attitudes a load of rubbish; black Superintendent.

Track 7: 01'18: Senior Officer: admiration for some; career men; poor treatment; need for street experience; arrest and advice about his hat from Senior Officer from 3rd floor window.

Track 8: 01'23”: Life on the Relief: loved the life; bonds and support between colleagues; sorting jobs out; comments on standards.

Track 9: 03'14: Incidents Hornsey: Armed Robbery: radio message; shot fired; heads to incident; car trapped in dead end; suspects have shotguns; rams suspects car; 6 shots fired at his car; hits suspect with truncheon after further shot; subdued; complaint against police; judge ignores and sentence defendant to 16yrs; truncheon use.

Track 10: 00'38: Awarded medal at Palace: meet Queen, investiture of QGM; making the Queen laugh.

Track 11: 02'13”: Life off duty: family life and sons: sole interests were family and police work; managing sons; striking a balance and making their life easier. Sports: rugby match against RAF; describes experience, wakes up on stretcher.

Track 12: 02'09”: Hornsey: describes Police Station Area: Greek Cypriots and communication with; their attitude to women; Black community decent people; behavioural prejudice; sadnesses.

Track 13: 02'55”: Promotion: not interested; wanted those emergency calls; Q Car; Robbery Squad; working in plain clothes.  Role as experienced officer: trying not to develop an attitude; domestic incident; describes incident; avoiding prosecutions; finding a balance; modern standards.

Track 14: 02'59”: Changing times: life on beat; autonomy; greater management control for the good; equipment and absence of handcuffs; personal radios; improvements; firearm course; describes incident; worst shot in the world; comments on; improved; armed situations 6 times and never had a gun.

Track 15: 03'57”: Out shopping, off duty: shouting in Crouch End; large suspect; money and knife; tries a rugby tackle; lunge with knife and damage to sport jacket; help from passing Inspector; Queens Award for Bravery; member of public phones in and help from colleagues; jacket repaired by local tailor; defendant sentenced to 7yrs; defendant commits murder in Bristol. Comments on.

Track 16: 04'00”: Last two years: describes incident; car chase; rams car; arrest suspect; Garage Inspector; demoted to class four; later returns to Class 1; planning for retirement; family wanted to move out of London; address given out in paper. Advanced Driving Instructor, Norfolk Constabulary; check drive and course at Chelmsford; work as civilian instructor.

Track 17:  01'40”: Would not do the job again: comments on; do-gooders; how seen as former officer; loved every minute in the Metropolitan Police; ageing.


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