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Officer 65

Location of interview:Coalville, Leicestershire

Officer's Gender:Male

Date joined Met Police:10 November 1919

Date left Met Police:10 October 1949

Rank of leaving:Detective Sergeant

Divisons served:L, M, N, Y, CRO

Specialist service:CID CRO.

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Track A1: 13' 34": Introduction by Charles Hasler. Coming home from France from service in armed forces when Armistice was signed. Celebrations at end of World War 1. After armistice, an Inspector came to France recruiting for the Metropolitan Police. Was told to report to New Scotland Yard the next time he was on leave. Rows of servicemen waiting for medical examination. Passed medical examination and instructed to report back at 3pm for written examination. Had attended Ashby Grammar School. Cyril Cuthbert was well-educated from Charterhouse School. Sir Ranulph Bacon. Trained at Renfrew Road, opposite Lambeth Magistrates court. Another training centre by Bush House (Eagle Hut) and Peel House, regency Street. Six week's initial training. Issued with warrant cards because of police strike. Believed that there was a Commander in charge of Hendon when he attended courses for promotion.

Track A2: 9' 50”: Posted to Rodney Road, part of Carter Street Sub Division, bordering Camberwell. Four Areas of MPD. Remembers Walter Hambrook. Police strike had happened before he joined. Police pay had been about £3 per week. Lived in section house. Controversy about pay deductions for accommodation. Lord Trenchard scrapped the scheme and contributions lost. Lost army service contribution towards pension. Case went to Appeal Court about the backdating of pension changes. Served at Rodney Road until he got married in 1924 and rented his own house.

Track A3: 6' 20”: Detective Superintendent George Pride on J (Hackney). Employed on winter patrols as stepping stone to CID. Tipped off about risk of not being confirmed as CID officer. Arthur Neil interviewed him with George Pride. Challenged the possibility of not being confirmed and pointed out the good cases he had dealt with.

Track A4: 6' 21”: When he retired from the Police in 1949, worked for William Charles Crocker as private investigator for insurance claims. Taken over by Zurich. Crockers were well known to CID officers. Harry Wood. Ernest Bond. Served as CID officer on Y Division and CRO.

Track A5: 11' 49”: Did not like inside work at CRO, and invited to return there by Arthur Rowe. Split duty in CID. Innovations in CRO introduced by Pollard. George Cornish one of Area Detective Superintendents. Served at Stoke Newington, standing at entrance armed, before World War 2. Pension on retirement in 1949 was £73 per year, paid through Post Office.

TrackA6: 6' 43”: Investigated large case of insurance fraud whilst working for Crockers. Detective Superintendent Yandell took the investigation over. Case in Liverpool involving cold storage and stock taking.


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