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Norwell Roberts, First Black Met Police Officer

Oral History Catalogue

Below you will find records of the interviews carried out over several years with men and women who have, or in some cases, still are serving in the Metropolitan Police Service.

We are adding to our records on a regular basis and more interviews will be made available.

In the meantime please explore and listen to those interviews we currently have on our website.

List of Inteviews

Officer RefRetirement RankDivisions ServedSpecialist ServiceListen
Officer 01SuperintendentG, H, P, C, E, NSY A Dept., RInterview
Officer 02Detective SergeantC,SCID. Undercover dutyInterview
Officer 03Detective InspectorR, T, M, B, H, CO3, P, RInterview
Officer 04ConstableInterview
Officer 05ConstableCIDInterview
Officer 06InspectorTooting, Bromley, Rochester Row, Marylebone, Bexleyheath, W, P, R, A, D and CInterview
Officer 07ConstableY Tottenham, St Ann's Road, Hornsey. Home beatRecruiting section. Federation RepresentativeInterview
Officer 08ConstableC,XRecruitingInterview
Officer 09SergeantG Stoke Newington, D (Paddington), AirportTrafficInterview
Officer 104ConstableInterview
Officer 105SergeantInterview
Officer 106ConstableInterview
Officer 107ConstableInterview
Officer 108SuperintendentInterview
Officer 11Chief SuperintendentC (Bow Street) L (Brixton), M (Peckham and Carter Street), R (Sidcup, Bexleyheath, Greenwich), N ( Kings Cross)Discipline, Complaints, Inspectorate, Courts, Public AffairsInterview
Officer 116ConstableInterview
Officer 118InspectorInterview
Officer 119SergeantInterview
Officer 122Chief InspectorInterview
Officer 14CommanderA, G, D, SCommunity Liaison Officer. Public OrderInterview
Officer 17Substantive rank of Chief Inspector, but acting SuperintendentY (Edmonton), N (Holloway), B (Kensington),Y (Hornsey)Cadet Training SchoolInterview
Officer 18ConstableP (Lewisham)Thames Division / Marine Support Unit.Interview
Officer 19Detective ConstableB (Chelsea)C10 (Stolen Car branch)Interview
Officer 20InspectorX (Uxbridge) Q (Kilburn) T (Twickenham) L (Kennington, Cavendish Road) TSG, Discipline Office Women Police Association.Interview
Officer 21Chief InspectorN (Dalston), C (Bow Street), Y (St Ann's Road), G (Stoke Newington)Training SchoolInterview
Officer 22SuperintendentS (Golders Green), D (Harrow Road), Q (Wembley)TSG, Complaints InvestigationInterview
Officer 23SuperintendentA (Hyde Park), C (West End Central), X (Southall), T (Feltham), S (Golders Green), B (Notting Hill), Q (Kilburn)Air Support Unit, Diplomatic Protection GroupInterview
Officer 24Detective SergeantG (Hackney) Commercial Street.CadetInterview
Officer 28Inspector Airport T (Staines), X (Hayes)Interview
Officer 29Detective SuperintendentL, M, Y, SC6 Fraud Squad Tanzania. Training SchoolInterview
Officer 31Chief Superintendent (District)Interview
Officer 32Detective SergeantH, G, K C1Interview
Officer 33Sergeant X (Ealing), Q (Kilburn), F (Hammersmith & Fulham)Interview
Officer 34ConstableWembleyInterview
Officer 35ConstableRDog SectionInterview
Officer 36SergeantF (Hammersmith) T (Bedfont)Interview
Officer 37ConstableS, E, K, CO and N.SPG, Home Beat OfficerInterview
Officer 38Chief InspectorInterview
Officer 39Chief SuperintendentInterview
Officer 40Chief InspectorTraffic DivisionInterview
Officer 41Deputy Assistant Commissioner E (Hampstead), Q (Harlesden), D (Paddington), ACadet TrafficInterview
Officer 42Detective InspectorX (Southall), D (Marylebone Lane), HeathrowA8 Public Order Personnel. Special ConstabularyInterview
Officer 43Chief SuperintendentRoyalty ProtectionInterview
Officer 46ConstableF (Shepherds Bush), A (Palace of Westminster)Surrey Police SPGInterview
Officer 47CommanderD (Marylebone Lane), X (Ealing), T (Hounslow), B (Kensington)Interview
Officer 50SuperintendentC (West End Central), Kentish Town, M (Southwark)Kent Police. Public Order. Marine Support Unit. Counter terrorism. StaffInterview
Officer 51InspectorE (Kentish Town), S (Golders Green)CadetInterview
Officer 52Chief SuperintendentR (Greenwich), E (Bow Street), Y (Hornsey), N (Holloway), G(City Road), S (Boreham Wood), E (Albany Street), Q (Wembley)Training School, DPG. MSD.Interview
Officer 53InspectorA (Gerald Road), W (Lavender Hill), V ( Wimbledon) L (Clapham)Special Patrol group. Special BranchInterview
Officer 54Detective Chief InspectorR (Blackheath Road), H (Leman Street) Y (Wood Green), E (Albany Street)Forensic Science laboratory. Counterfeit Currency, Art and Antique Squad.Interview
Officer 56ConstableJ (Walthamstow), G (Hackney)Air Support unit, Information Room RecruitingInterview
Officer 61ConstableR (Woolwich), Deptford.Interview
Officer 62SergeantResidential Home, Newton Abbott, DevonInterview
Officer 63ConstableD Tottenham Court Road and West End CentralInterview
Officer 64ConstableK (Plaistow, Canning Town and Limehouse). X Division (Ruislip)Interview
Officer 65Detective SergeantL, M, N, Y, CROCID CRO.Interview
Officer 66InspectorM (Carter Street & Tower Bridge), P (St Mary Cray & Sydenham), R (Lea Road), Z (Croydon).Interview
Officer 69Detective SergeantH, A (Cannon Row), E (Bow Street), J (Chadwell Heath and Barkingside), K (Harold Hill), N (Kings Cross)Cadets Stolen cars.Interview
Officer 77Detective SergeantInterview
Officer 80Detective ConstableInterview
Officer 81ConstableHammersmith and Staines.Interview
Officer 84SuperintendentInterview
Officer 99ConstableInterview


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